Trench/Orpen Family Gift, 2019


Collection contains sketches, life drawings, a sketchbook and a large selection of designs by Bea Orpen (1913 – 1980). The life drawings and pencil sketches were created while Bea Orpen was a student in 1932 & 1934. Her commercial work is evident in the designs for greeting cards, menu cards, ex libris plates, book tokens, calendars, medals, whiskey labels, tea towels for the Irish Country Women’s Association, for Charles Gallow & Co Ltd, and work for various other businesses (incl. John Fothergill’s Hotel and The Three Swans). A portion of the design work featured in this collection was created in the 1960’s.


Orpen, Beatrice Esther (‘Bea’) (1913 - 1980)

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Orpen, Beatrice Esther

Record data
TitleTrench/Orpen Family Gift, 2019
CreatorOrpen, Beatrice Esther (‘Bea’) (1913 - 1980)
LocationCentre for the Study of Irish Art
Extent5 large envelopes containing various sketches and designs, 1 portfolio of designs, 1 sketchbook and a large selection of life drawings

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Irish Art Archive (Irish Art Collections)Beatrice Esther (‘Bea’) Orpen (1913-1980)Trench/Orpen Family Gift, 2019
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