Jack Butler Yeats’s early scrapbook


Scrapbook containing approximately 900 items pasted to the leaves of a Greek dictionary. ‘September 1901’ inscribed at page 7, latest dated item, November 1928. Scrapbook includes: Original drawings by Yeats. Page 1. Four hand-painted stencils: JBY monogram; the Cashlauna Shelmiddy logo; a horses head; a sailboat and palm trees. Page 2: Two hand-painted stencils: two sailing boats; two goats. Page 7. Pen and ink sketch, Rajah Brooke of Sarawak – first coloniser of Borneo, title inscribed. Page 57. Line drawings of figures. Page 99. Line print illustration of pirates in vessels with caption: ‘Good for a hundred Doubloons’ and skull and cross-bone stencil overlay. Magazine cuttings of works by other artists; advertisements and labels from alcohol and tobacco products; cigarette packets; fruit wrappers; various illustrations; obituary notice card for Jean Murphy, born Kilkenny 1756. p 79; postage stamps from United States, France, Tasmania, Netherlands; circus advertisements and programme; booklet for the ‘6th Vienna International fair, 9-15 March 1924’; and various ephemera. *Please note that due to its condition this item cannot be issued.


Yeats, Jack Butler (1871-1957)

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Yeats, Jack Butler

Record data
TitleJack Butler Yeats’s early scrapbook
CreatorYeats, Jack Butler (1871-1957)
LocationYeats Archive
RefIE NGI/YA/Y1/JY/8/1
Extent1 volume: 341 pp

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