Jack Butler Yeats Archives


The Jack Butler Yeats Archives (sub-fonds) consist of a broad range of material reflecting the career, interests, and private life of the artist. Included in this material: 1. Original art by Jack Butler Yeats: includes 204 sketchbooks comprising c.10,000 pages, early illustrations and other drawings/sketches, stencils, handmade postcards, and narrative set of 105 drawings entitled Lives. 2. Jack Butler Yeats’s literary works: manuscripts & typescripts of the literary works of Jack Butler Yeats, includes published and unpublished works, from his early works of children’s literature to his adult novels and plays; 3. A broadside (1908-1915) by Jack Butler Yeats (incomplete set); 4. Jack Butler Yeats documentation of his career: includes workbooks, exhibition notebooks and journals, indexes to paintings and their owners, notebooks recording visitors received, address books, and pocket diaries; 5. Letters received by Jack Butler Yeats; 6. Postcards and Christmas cards; 7. Photographs: studio photographs of Jack and his mother Susan Yeats and amateur photographs of family and friends and various homes; 10. Artefacts: including medals and the artist’s easel and smock; 9. Model boats: made of paper, card, and cork by Jack Butler Yeats. 11. Legal papers relating to A broadsheet and the sale of his Devon home. 12. Irish language lessons: copybooks and notebooks used by Jack Butler Yeats; 13. Bookplates: of and by various members of the Yeats family and others; 14. The Aran islands by John Millington Synge: includes a limited edition copy of the book with hand coloured illustrations and a set of photographs taken by Synge on the Aran islands [c.1898]; 15. Collections of images: includes reproduction and original artworks and letter files containing images collected by Yeats; 16. Financial records 1947-1954; 17. Catalogues and other material relating to Jack Butler Yeats exhibitions; 18. Catalogues of exhibitions by other artists; 19. Catalogues and other material relating to book sales; 20. Playbills: Includes playbills for several Dublin theatres and various other theatres including some English theatres; 21. Miniature theatre collection: playscripts, characters and scenes for approximately fifty miniature/juvenile theatre plays. Includes publications by Pollock, Webb, Clark’s, Champion Parlour Drama, and others. 22. Miscellaneous material: handwritten ballads, an Elkin Matthews published miniature theatre pirate by Jack Butler Yeats, a wallet, sports programmes; 23. Journals, periodicals, and other publications: includes articles and features relating to the work of Jack Butler Yeats, William Butler Yeats, John Butler Yeats, and Anne Yeats along with pieces written by Jack Butler Yeats. Irish publications predominate, also includes English, French, Italian, and American publications; 24. Library: including works authored or illustrated by the artist, literature, reference books, children’s books, English and Irish ballads, and Irish and English maps; 25. Cashlauna shelmide (The studio) by Elizabeth Corbet Yeats (1900): watercolour painting of Jack Butler Yeats’s Devon studio. 26. Material relating to Pamela Colman Smith


Yeats, Jack Butler (1871-1957)

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Yeats, Jack Butler

Record data
TitleJack Butler Yeats Archives
CreatorYeats, Jack Butler (1871-1957)
LocationYeats Archive
Extent204 sketchbooks, 101 boxes & 14 outsize boxes, [c.400] volumes.

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