Bindon Burton Collection, 1987


This collection contains material relating to Sir Frederic William Burton's life and career as an artist as well as his directorship of the National Gallery (London, UK). It includes correspondence between Burton and former National Gallery directors, prominent scholars, politicians, artists, and antiquarians of the time as well as personal friends, and correspondence relating to Henry Bindon Burton, Sir Frederic's nephew and executor, and the settling of his estate. Also included is correspondence relating to Robert W.G. Burton, a grandnephew of Sir Frederic, and his genealogical enquiries as well as those related to archival material he possesed of Sir Frederic. Other materials include invitations sent to Sir Frederic and a copy of his visiting card, travel diaries documenting four tours of Italy Burton took between 1864-1883, and Burton's engagement books detailing dates and times for various social and business engagements for the years 1874, 1879-1881, and 1884-1889. Also found in this collection are notebooks (and fragments) and loose notes on a variety of subjects mostly relating to art, archaeology and antiquarianism, and the personal ideas and sketches by Burton shown in the stray segment of his commonplace book. Two poems and a translation of a Greek drama also form part of this collection. Also included is a variety of secondary material relating to Burton's life and work, including a photograph album created by Irish archaeologist and antiquary Margaret McNair Stokes (also a personal friend of Burton) as well as notes for a biography on Burton and an inventory of Burton's sketchbooks also by Stokes, and copies of publications containing posthumous articles about Burton's career and impact; one written by Lady Augusta Gregory.


Burton, Sir Frederic William (1816-1900)

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Burton, Sir Frederic William

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TitleBindon Burton Collection, 1987
CreatorBurton, Sir Frederic William (1816-1900)
LocationCentre for the Study of Irish Art
Extent3 boxes