Walter Osborne Photographic Collection


Comprises a photographic collection of 106 photographs collected/created by Walter Osborne. Includes photographs from places visited by Osborne, some of which he also painted. All photographs (mounted and loose) were maintained in one photographic album including photographs predominantly from France, Belgium, England, and Ireland. Featured are urban and rural scenes along with photographs of labourers, fishermen and their families. Several photographs of Germany and Spain are also included. Includes some unidentified locations. On the reverse of a small number of photographs, Osborne has traced the outline of a figure or item from the photograph. Some of the images, such as those near Saint Patrick’s cathedral, Dublin, relate directly to Osborne paintings (for example Near Saint Patrick's Close, an old Dublin Street (1887)), though most do not. It is believed that many of the amateur photographs were taken by Osborne, though many are likely to be photographs produced commercially by local photographers for the tourist industry (see Julian Campbell in the Irish Arts Review Yearbook 2001). No attribution of photographer has been made here.


Osborne, Walter Frederick (1859-1903)

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Osborne, Walter Frederick

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TitleWalter Osborne Photographic Collection
CreatorOsborne, Walter Frederick (1859-1903)
LocationCentre for the Study of Irish Art
Extent1 album and 49 loose photographs (2 boxes)

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